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In the 1980s, sexual assault was invisible. Victims of sexual violence were failed by a system that treated them with suspicion and bad intentions. Survivors were forced to recount the trauma numerous times – reports that were then used to discredit their character and integrity. Rape kits used to collect evidence were charged to their bank accounts.

When Lincoln Soldati was elected to Strafford County in the early 1980s, what he saw was systemic failure. Against the odds, and popular opinion, he and a team of advocates developed a protocol, known then as Victim Witness, that lead to increased reporting by survivors of sexual assault. Strafford County took on cases no other counties would and brought perpetrators to justice. The protocol developed is now the New Hampshire standard.

Political Courage
Lincoln was the only elected prosecutor to testify against New Hampshire’s death penalty – even when the establishment told him it would cost him re-election. It didn’t.

Lincoln would go on to serve 9 terms as Strafford County Attorney – one of the longest tenures in the state.

When the city Lincoln raised my family in was struggling with poor infrastructure, bootstrapped public schools, and a shrinking tax base in our historic downtown, he ran and was elected as mayor – he brought community together and increased civic engagement dramatically. He established the city’s first sustainability commission, and laid the groundwork for the bustling downtown economy Somersworth now boasts.