America’s Founding Fathers knew that power concentrated in the hands of the few would inevitably lead to abuse and self-enrichment, to the detriment of the vulnerable and less-fortunate. They crafted a system of self-government where no one branch of government held power in totality — the Presidency, Congress, and the Courts all check and balance one another. In Congress, the Chambers of the House and Senate offset the other and work to prevent power to run amok, and should serve as a check on the now-expansive power of the Executive. When one party controls both Chambers and the Presidency, there are fewer checks to offer a balance to a party’s power. The Trump Administration is truly Unchecked and Unbalanced — we need a Democratic majority in the House to protect the progress we’ve made against the power of a reckless executive and those who enable him.

Evidence is mounting that President Trump is using the highest and most revered public office in the nation to enrich himself and his cronies. The Emoluments Clause is not some esoteric footnote in American law. It is a definitive conflict of interest statement in plain sight in the first article of our Constitution.

With over forty years of law practice, I will work tirelessly to ensure Congress is using the tools at its disposal to hold our administration accountable and uphold the tenants and ethics enshrined in our Nation’s Constitution.