Climate change is at our doorstep. The science is clear. Our earth and oceans are warming as a result of human activity, creating global problems that are already effecting us – particularly the most vulnerable.

Nobody talks about ‘global warming’ anymore, because greedy politicians backed by special interests wanted to shift the debate. Now, even Climate Change is being erased out of scientific and government-sponsored literature. This kind of activity isn’t just about vocabulary – it is intended to delude the public into thinking the complex consequences of a warming earth and ocean – from sea level rise to increased hurricanes to more severe thunder storms – aren’t really as well understood as they are.

It’s time we put science back in the majority in Washington.

Changes to our environment – to our air, our water, and our ecosystems – are increasingly evident. More than ten years ago climate scientists predicted that the effects of global warming would produce more severe weather events such as increased flooding, devastating hurricanes, drought, and an increase in the number and severity of wildfires. Just ask the residents of Houston, New Orleans, Miami, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, New York City, the Jersey Shore, and the Napa Valley. Here in New Hampshire, Seacoast communities have seen an increase in flash flooding related to higher tides and storm surges, while warming waters impact our fishing industry and hurt our economy.

Across the globe, the most vulnerable populations face the biggest threats. The Pentagon is already developing disaster response strategies in anticipation of worldwide effects of global warming on populations faced with devastating droughts, increased food insecurity, and millions of refugees as populations flee to escape the consequences in their native lands.*

Something must be done at a national, and global scale

The debate between the environment against energy is a false one. It has been promoted by private energy lobbyists to cast those who care about our earth as fanatics. The future of a thriving economy will be built on clean and renewable energy. That’s a good thing for the environment – but it’s also good for the American worker, looking for high-paying, reliable jobs. America should be investing in clean energy solutions not just because we owe our grandchildren a viable planet, but because these are the jobs and the economy of tomorrow.