If you believe as I do that Donald Trump represents the most fundamental threat to American democracy, then impeachment is not a political or strategic issue – it is a moral imperative.

Pundits and partisans like to obsess over distracting questions – will impeachment hurt our electoral wins? Will Mike Pence be worse?

These questions MISS THE POINT – there is more than enough evidence in the public record that Trump has violated his oath of office – a point made more urgent after his disgraceful display in Helsinki.

Democrats cannot afford to play it safe. It’s time to take a stand. At a recent forum with 10 Democrats running in New Hampshire’s 1st District, I was the only candidate to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

With my background as one of New Hampshire longest serving county attorneys, I’m prepared to lead impeachment proceedings on the judiciary committee and push back against an Administration that is unchecked and unbalanced.