End War on Drugs


The war on drugs was a failed concept since its inception. We have to acknowledge that racism was built in to many of our drug laws – for example, a 5-year minimum sentence was required for possession of 5 grams of crack while it takes 500 grams of cocaine for the same sentence. It’s time to end mandatory minimum sentencing, whereby minor, nonviolent drug offenses land low-level offenders in prison for lifetimes. We need to remove marijuana from the Schedule I list and allow states to determine regulation – I personally believe New Hampshire should join the rest of New England in legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana.


I spent 18 years working with the criminal justice system in New Hampshire – I’ve seen men and women risk their lives to protect their neighbors, and yet I’ve seen abuses of the system that too often puts the poor and minorities at risk. Our prisons are over crowded and disproportionately people of color – and yet we continue to see corporate interests gain favor and install a private prison system that profits off prisoner head counts. Sweeping criminal justice reform is not possible unless we confront these special interests and the corporate class.  There should be no profit motive in our prison system.  I will work to end private prisons.