Contact: Jordan Overstreet
BARNSTEAD, NH- Last night while speaking to the Tri-Town Democratic Club, Congressional candidate Lincoln Soldati (D-Portsmouth) laid out a plan of action to curb the gun violence epidemic in America.

Speaking to a lively crowd, Soldati called out policymakers for cowering to the NRA and the gun manufacturers who set the NRA’s agenda.  Soldati pointed out that sensible gun safety measures, backed overwhelmingly across the country, could provide a strong move towards solving the problem, if only legislators had the fortitude.

“The NRA does not speak for America, responsible gun owners, or the 96 people who die every day in our country because of gun violence,” said Soldati.  “Their mission is to do the bidding of gun manufacturers at expensive of public safety. I believe there are many complex problems we face as a nation, but reducing gun violence could happen, if only leaders had the will.”  Soldati said that he would support a 72-hour waiting period for purchasing a firearm and a ban on high capacity magazines.

These prescriptions came as an addition to solutions he had previously suggested:

  • Requiring testing and demonstration of competency in the use and ownership of firearms
  • Repealing the ban that prohibits the CDC from collecting data on gun violence
  • Increasing the legal age of purchasing a rifle to 21
  • Banning bump stocks
  • Requiring comprehensive background checks for all firearms purchases which will include all domestic violence offenders, persons who have been deemed to be a threat to themselves or others due to a mental health issue, and Individuals on the terrorist watch list or the no-fly list.
  • Closing the background check loopholes for gun shows and private sales
  • Banning assault weapons

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About Lincoln Soldati Born and raised in New Hampshire, Soldati has been a leader in his community his entire life. After serving in the Army, Soldati used the G.I. Bill to finish at Notre Dame and then law school here in New Hampshire. Soldati served as Strafford County Attorney for nine terms, where he earned a reputation for aggressively pursuing justice for victims of child abuse and sexual assault. He established a victims’ assistance program that became the state standard for prosecutions and investigations into sexual assault and child abuse cases. Soldati also served on the Somersworth School Board, the Somersworth Charter Commission, and as Mayor of Somersworth.
The New Hampshire primary is slated for September 11, 2018; the general election takes place November 6, 2018.