There was a time when some folks suggested that calling for impeachment meant you weren’t a serious candidate. I disagreed, and I said unequivocally that impeachment was a moral imperative. It is the responsibility of Congress to act as a check on Presidential power. With yesterday’s disgraceful display in Helsinki, the urgency of impeachment is undeniable.

The President has put a foreign adversary’s interests before the interests of the United States – that much is now painfully clear. To witness yesterday’s shameful performance and do nothing is to set a new normal for the rest of American history. Congress cannot sit by and allow this President to destroy the integrity of American democracy – Congress must act now.

This is an incredible moment in American history. We must recognize the grave import of this moment, and we must respond accordingly. Our leaders need to be courageous enough to call this moment what it is: a crisis. A crisis that cannot be dealt with effectively until we acknowledge it as such. This is not a time for strategic moderation or vague condemnations – we need a substantive plan of action. Donald Trump must be impeached, and we need leaders with the fierceness and fortitude to grapple with this moment in history.

We must act now to extricate this traitorous president from office, while taking steps to restore the integrity of our democracy, our civil discourse, and our standing on the world stage. I unequivocally support the impeachment of Donald Trump. Until then, I call on Congress to swiftly pass legislation that:

  1. Protects the Special Counsel and the ongoing investigation;
  2. Subpoenas the translator present in the Helsinki meeting to learn exactly what was discussed in the closed-door meeting;
  3. Subpoena Trump’s tax returns to see exactly how Putin is extorting the President.;
  4. Mandate the use of paper ballots in the 2018 elections to prevent additional Russian meddling in our electoral process;
  5. Strengthen the bi-partisan sanctions against Russia already passed by Congress.