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Lincoln’s platform and message is one that resonates with voters throughout the state. It’s why he’s the leading progressive candidate in the polls – the leading candidate not taking PAC or special interest money, and the leading candidate to support universal Medicare For All. But Lincoln has something else that he will take to the general election in November: Character.

“Rarely will we ever see a more qualified person to represent this Congressional district.” – Chuck Ott, Former SAU56 Superintendent

Below, learn more about Lincoln’s lifelong commitment to service, social justice, and systemic change. Washington needs a reformer, an advocate, and someone with the political courage to take tough votes. Washington needs another Lincoln.


Lincoln’s activism began in college, protesting the Vietnam war. He was drafted in 1969.

His commitment to others, to support the disenfranchised, has stayed strong his entire life.

At the risk of arrest, he joined the Sioux Nation to support their fight for their water rights at Standing Rock.
WATCH: NH Chronicle features Lincoln Soldati at Standing Rock

“Vote for Lincoln – he cares for all of the people.” – Dr. Patch Adams

He mentored Palestinian public defenders in Ramallah West Bank, after he closed his law practice back home, which gave him first hand experience to the trials faced by people living in an occupied state.

“Lincoln is a proven progressive.” – Ed Levasseur, Somersworth City Councilor


VICTIM WITNESS: How one county attorney revolutionized the criminal justice system for victims


In the 1980s, sexual assault was invisible. Victims of sexual violence were failed by a system that treated them with suspicion and bad intentions. Survivors were forced to recount the trauma numerous times – reports that were then used to discredit their character and integrity. Rape kits used to collect evidence were charged to their bank accounts.

“Lincoln has my vote because his record on victim advocacy is second to none.” -Jessica Paradis, Statewide Victims Advocate

When Lincoln Soldati was elected to Strafford County in the early 1980s, what he saw was systemic failure. Against the odds, and popular opinion, he and a team of advocates developed a protocol, known then as Victim Witness, that lead to increased reporting by survivors of sexual assault. Strafford County took on cases no other counties would and brought perpetrators to justice. The protocol developed is now the New Hampshire standard.

“In all his years of service, Lincoln leaves public institutions better than he found them.” – Karen Marzloff, Former Editor Wire Magazine

“He has universal appeal. He is ready to go to bat right now, and speak his own mind, clearly and boldly.” – Jessica LaMontagne, Dover Resident

Political Courage

Lincoln was the only elected prosecutor to testify against New Hampshire’s death penalty – even when the establishment told him it would cost him re-election. It didn’t.

Lincoln would go on to serve 9 terms as Strafford County Attorney – one of the longest tenures in the state.

When the city Lincoln raised my family in was struggling with poor infrastructure, bootstrapped public schools, and a shrinking tax base in our historic downtown, he ran and was elected as mayor – he brought community together and increased civic engagement dramatically. He established the city’s first sustainability commission, and laid the groundwork for the bustling downtown economy Somersworth now boasts.

Now, in a crowded field of Democrats, he was the first to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump – not based on poll-testing or political whims, but on the evidence in the public record. Folks told him it wouldn’t play well in the election. Now, most other Democrats have changed their talking points.

“In all of the 10,000 felonies I successfully prosecuted in my 18 years as County Attorney, not once did I ever consider the political consequences to uphold the constitution and hold perpetrators accountable. We’re talking about the president not being above the law. The fact is there is evidence in the public record to substantiate the call for an impeachment inquiry – there isn’t any question. He is a threat to the integrity of our democracy and it is a moral imperative that we impeach.” – Lincoln Soldati

Lincoln Soldati in Portsmouth